petals sandcastle
9 min readApr 18, 2021


Audition Notice!
Calling All Woke Creative Dreamers!
Calling all Freedom Fighters Dedicated to the Gentle Resistance! —

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: Make Way For Creative Nonviolent Revolution ! CNR, darling… CNR!

Calling All Actors, Singers, Dancers, Poets, Drag Queens, & Musicians!
Calling All Flow Artists, Aerial Stars, & Progressive Politicians !

NOW Studios is Casting for our entire spring and summer season!

Roles include everything from Dame Madam Queen Headlight Flitter of NOW Studios, (an express your mess production) to hosts for slams and open forums.

Calling All Marginalized Multimodal Minds (mmm…) that can’t quite explain their act, but still want to Show Up & Get Said and be part of a Grand Legend (In The Making!)——Chirp, Chirp, Calling !

what is NOW? an open forum public kiki derby, darling!
pardon? a TEDx vaudeville!
a who? a soapbox variety slam ball eleganza for the velvet revolution!

Yes, but what is it? What is NOW?
unshackled possibility. a colorful stand against tyranny and linear bigoted NO. The flowing emancipation of YES. . .

. . . an offer. a dare. a game. an extended campaign for public office. a live-stream, live-audience underground theatre and production company dedicated to a new Inalienable Birthright For All: Perpetual Empowerment & Conscious Liberated Freedom.



petals sandcastle

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