Audition Notice!
Calling All Woke Creative Dreamers!
Calling all Freedom Fighters Dedicated to the Gentle Resistance! —

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: Make Way For Creative Nonviolent Revolution ! CNR, darling… CNR!

Calling All Actors, Singers, Dancers, Poets, Drag Queens, & Musicians!
Calling All Flow Artists, Aerial Stars, & Progressive Politicians !

NOW Studios is Casting for our entire spring and summer season!

Roles include everything from Dame Madam Queen Headlight Flitter of NOW Studios, (an express your mess production) to hosts for slams and open forums.

Calling All Marginalized Multimodal Minds (mmm…) that can’t quite explain their act, but still want to Show Up & Get Said and be part of a Grand Legend (In The Making!)——Chirp, Chirp, Calling !

what is NOW? an open forum public kiki derby, darling!
pardon? a TEDx vaudeville!
a who? a soapbox variety slam ball eleganza for the velvet revolution!

Yes, but what is it? What is NOW?
unshackled possibility. a colorful stand against tyranny and linear bigoted NO. The flowing emancipation of YES. . .

. . . an offer. a dare. a game. an extended campaign for public office. a live-stream, live-audience underground theatre and production company dedicated to a new Inalienable Birthright For All: Perpetual Empowerment & Conscious Liberated Freedom.

NOW studios is Casting for multiple live and live streamed CNR projects and productions, including our inaugural season of NOW Games;
and our Grand Opening kiki soapbox variety show open slam vaudevillian nonviolent creator’s forum showcase eleganza extravaganza, fascism < flow, that will run throughout the summer.

When are auditions? Saturday, April 24th. Book your slot here. Can’t make it? Contact us to set up a time to show us who you are and what you got.

All acts welcome
From koalas pontificating on relativity while riding a unicycle in a tutu, to drag queen painter poets spitting their political rap on how to end the tyrannical regime of corporate fascism and the mad pursuits of small wounded men.

live variety theatre productions Reality Show / Talent Competition / Political Incubator for Creative Nonviolent Candidates and Campaigns/

NOW studios is a multi-modal production company founded by queer buddha boys dedicated to the gentle resistance against all forms of tyranny, bigotry, fascism, capitalistic pillaging, and linear one-way No. It is our belief that we don’t tango with ignorance using the same force The System uses to sustain itself, but rather through creative nonviolence in all her forms, including theatre, music, dance, flow, art, and tinkering with Big Ideas through a steady public forum.

What does our work look like? Theatre, forums, open mics, dance parties, reality game show competitions, podcasts, clubs, classes, events, debates, parties. . .

Should you audition?
Probably Yes!
Even if you don’t get cast, come get fucking said. Come get it out. Come get something out. Whatever has been churning away inside of you.

Ideal candidates are well-versed in many fields and comfortably fabulous in multiple arenas, i.e. a drag queen opera star who does a mean TedX talk on quantum entanglement and the universe as a fateful machine. Or painter poet flappy bird who wants to run for congress on an Arts-Positive Agenda, and a slogan, ‘The Opposite of War is Creation.”

Are you a burning furnace of churning ideas inside? Does your heart hang from your sleeve? Do your words stir the least romantic in the room?

Were you born to change the world? To help earth outgrow the fascist corporate static and tyranny of bigoted patriarchy?

Look—if you were born to be a star and the world does or does not know it yet, we want to help rocket launch your moment. Come get said.

Calling all toastmaster beat boxing a capella political junkies, come stretch your mind, test your ideas, and clock the waters on a run for public office.

There are 6 levels for your consideration:

Level 1: NOW studios is a badass theatre gallery live stream rentable venue with hundreds of original works and a colossal calender of exquisite ongoings & events.

Level 2: NOW studios is a production company, dedicated to exquisite content, including an ongoing open mic slam vaudeville.

Level 3: NOW is a reality show; an immersive popup game; a real-time, real-life, live-streamed mind, body, spirit olympiad—and flittering bootcamp for all of us to become the best versions.

Level 5: Nonviolent Creative Revolution.
Against all forms of tyranny that hijacks mental liberty and spiritual heart freedom, including all linear one ways of White Old Rich Republican Male Straight Sausage, WORMS for short. We can end the reign of unchecked patriarchy. Bring an end to a prioro privilege and racism, to small minds and ruthless vapid capitalism, we can halt billionaires and trillion dollar war budgets, put an end to global warming and single-use plastic, finally heal the gaping wounds of us-versus-them, that are marring mother, actively destroying our shared little home on earth. We are not visitors here, we belong

Level 6: We are an open portal for the universe, a divine channel, connecting source to source, merging —All That Is—, in flowing cosmic union with all that could be; interconnected cosmic quantum soup.

1st place wins an original piece of art and $1,080.
Sign up for a slot or drop in and join the list!
Catch the show live on multiple streams and on our website.

Why are we doing this?

We’re existentially exhausted protesting from the sidelines, where all the clever cardboard signs and well-intended molotovs on planet earth can’t save us.

Our new headquarters, NOW studios in downtown Ann Arbor, doubles as a gallery/ theatre / studio / temple / general hub for fabulous, healing, restorative, equitable, accountable, high-vibrational creative nonviolent revolution, with (3) primary aims:

1: incubator for Big Ideas, initatives, campaigns, & candidates ready to run for office;

2. megaphone for the margins;
A majestic content-creation haus that hosts woke, playful space for meaningful, ongoing art, theatre, music & flowing exchange between disparate people.

3. an immersive, multi-modal gallery to sell/auction/barter over 400 original works plus works from others, to help fund this collective movement.

Oh, hi btw, my name is Petals Sandcastle, formerly known as little bird Ricky Lampshade, & I’m writing all this today because our planet needs an elegant, nonbinary strength in government and positions of power to steer us away from the cold capitalist brink that the wrinkly fascist sausage has led us to.

Which is why I’m running for office in the 2022 midterm elections, and why I’m giving everything I have to support other rebellious, conscious hearts to do the same, to join us, and run on a platform rooted in creative nonviolent revolution.

These ongoing showcases of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent are a grounding rally cry catalyst for all the better horizons of tomorrow.

don’t see how anyone can watch all of this reality playing out and then carry on with a normal life and normal job like savage brutality isn’t there knocking. we must dedicate our entire lives to art and love and creation and peace and consciousness and justice and LOVE again and again mikey

I say take with abandon, get all that you came for, but make sure to create more than you consume. Give yourself away while you take without restraint.

what are we pulling from the wreckage?
what new ships are built?

if I die the entire planet keeps moving. i’ll knock some orbits out of whack for a while, maybe a few permanent heart alterations on some, but life will just go ;and that’s hard lately to be with since going from healthy active 36 year old to long haul covid dunce with acute, persistent issues, like hard lumps in my nose and chest issues that go deep. plus the daily thoughts of death. just a total flip. sometimes it feels like i’m setting up this killer life for someone else to enjoy, like i won’t be here. sometimes it feel sinister. i just want to live. i am terrified to go to the doctor and have avoided them for years, but the list of concerns has grown into pages. of course not knowing makes you obsessed. the buddha says let go. but the buddha isn’t super clear on let modern western medicine have their way with me. maybe start with accupuncture heather and abbie and colon cleaning nancy.

I’ve got to be So So Bad at So So Much if I want to Be Good at Everything. From won’t to can’t to trying to can to

Just keep picking new shit up and get proficient. Eventually the right shit sticks and you develop a perspective and you start to see yourself and feel yourself and fall in love with yourself and that’s when things get hot. that’s when the world takes notice. authentic individual, impossible to reproduce.

Most of us are taught never to see ourselves. Always just a blob of matter it’s terrifying the first time you realize You Are. You come with a complete, unique set of dna prints on everything. It’s horrifying. Getting a good look at What I am. How I behave. Most never even get a look. Most die never having taken a full inventory of their own insides. Never fully blooming in their fast lane.

how can i be free?

stop having that conversation with yourself in your head. find others to communicate with. people or a paint brush, don’t matter, but the neurotic is the one who can never shut that self dialogue off and get some peace. some space from self. shut You down a while.

radical acceptance is required for love; if my partner isn’t perfect and there chemistry stands to leave me bitter towards what their dna wasn’t born to offer and i am not allowed to seek it out elsewhere, then this is always a recipe for resentment. i want to be totally lost in love with my lover and all the needs and desires i have that they can’t bear i must be able to seek out. we came to earth to fulfill what our souls ache for. i am love and can embrace multiple flowers.

‘oh i don’t listen to that kind of music… or date those kinds of people… or eat that kind of food… or go to those kinds of places, but i’m not…”

yes, yes you are. that’s bigotry at work in your decision-making process, baby.

racism, capitalism, catholicism, etc.. all designed for one reason: to exhaust people into submission.

perk of being an online poker player: knowing precisely how long five minutes is.

ego must be tested. it’s the ultimate paradox.

there’s a breakthrough moment when an irrefutably beautiful seed plants inside. the road to fruition is terrifying hyuge scary omg but if you can just take a step and breathe and take another step and breathe and then fall into the flowing dancing union with all of reality in a moment.

sure bankruptcy. this fascist corporate system necessitates it for your freedom. desert the debt. the fortunes of these banks are built exclusively off exploiting debts of the poor. the majority of the poor will stay poor and get poorer still. the system demands nothing change. nothing move. the future as a solid sheet of immovable will that is fixed and set. why? because change disrupts the empire. enlightenment threatens everything. waking up melts the frozen dark. suddenly we’ve got to outgrow ourselves. suddenly we’ve got to get in touch with our hearts.

no sense in improving anything. make it nice and they’ll only gentrify us out. we got to keep it sort of slummy. keep it where no rich people want to go. keep all the glory hidden underground. because sure as shit, if unshackled creation resucitates a deserted downtown, the sharks will always come out and gentrify goodness into shriveled cabbage and concrete. fuck that.

my friend has eight million bucks and i’m washing my vegetables in a public toilet illegally living in a basement under a sushi restaurant during a pandemic. society leaves artists for dead except when they can suckle a little from us. but the man brings me figs and newspaper.

you miss the most important part. most of man wants to be told what to do and think and buy — man is a neutered domestic animal. the planet only needs a few masters. stop trying to wake them up and instead wake up: be a master. stop beating your dogs and instead mold them to your will.

queer painter_poet flappy bird for the love revolution running for president. art. ideas. filosof.e lit'ru.cha. get our new book!

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