petals sandcastle
2 min readJan 26, 2021


dearest sweetie UMMTs,

hi darlings! i’m petals sandcastle and ya’ll are sultry decadence. And it would be our honor if you come check out our new space NOW studios.

We’re in downtown A2 a block from the diag and ya’ll are a degree away from Broadway! Come play with us before you explode!

  • rehearsal / audition / live & live-streamed performance space for rent/trade/barter/collaboration. (everything from sketches to full productions.)
  • a recording studio
  • & working studio for podcasts, photoshoots, music videos, movies, yoga, dance, movement, drag queens, flow…
  • a wildly colorful, surreal event space
  • an immersive, multi-modal revolving art installation with over 300 original works
  • an incubator for ideas (art, philosophy, politics, policy, existence, culture)
  • a space to study, teach, witness, & create
  • a queer existential cafe to explore reality with other marginalized voices looking to get what we came for

The space is primarily used as our working studio. We paint here. We shoot content here. We rehearse here. We do yoga and meditate and have dance parties and hang with our friends here. We play and we flow here.

We’re always looking for collaborations. Ongoing casting for events and shows, podcasts and ongoing variety kikis in the space.

If you are interested and want to know more, visit our website:

Email us at, join us on social media @expressyourmess, astral project, stop in for a visit!

namaste, beautiful creatures. ❤



petals sandcastle

queer painter_poet flappy bird for the love revolution running for president. art. ideas. filosof.e lit'ru.cha. get our new book!