petals sandcastle
1 min readMar 1, 2021

hiring/casting art dealer general manager social media guru event host all-around unicorn assistant.

ideal candidate is charasmatic, queer, people-orientated, fabulous, art lover, pro at sales, knows how to seduce a client, well-versed in social media and the full cycle of content from creation through editing and beautifully blasting a platform on social media.

role includes everything from planning and hosting fabulous events to answering emails and listing art, from content-editing to selling original work in real life.

bonus if you are interested in or are: vegan, make up artist, actor, performer, philosopher, photographer, painter, poet, scientist, nonviolent revolutionary… if this sounds like you come rocket launch with us ! come launch non profits and campaigns for public office… come create wild safe dream space for the world to get lost in and reclaim ourselves from the tyranny of No.

compensation is highly competitive.

seeking immediately.

to apply, spend at least ten minutes on our website at and then contact us with a recording of who you are and how you see the world and what your dreams and visions are for cocreating collective nirvana.

namaste, darlings.


petals sandcastle

queer painter_poet flappy bird for the love revolution. art. ideas. flow. filosof.e lit'ru.cha.