Audition Notice!
Calling All Woke Creative Dreamers!
Calling all Freedom Fighters Dedicated to the Gentle Resistance! —

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: Make Way For Creative Nonviolent Revolution ! CNR, darling… CNR!

Calling All Actors, Singers, Dancers, Poets, Drag Queens, & Musicians!
Calling All Flow Artists, Aerial Stars, & Progressive Politicians !


darlings, hello!

poetry & song,
life breath—

pools of light.
meow, pussycats—

Charming, divine sweeties—
firstly my apologies for this coming so late. Life just spins time faster with certain gravities involved.

Let me cut straight to it: selling art on the street with masks on doesn’t seem…

Hi darlings,

thanks heaps for embarking on this wild ride with us! as you can tell we’re very informal but our dreams and visions are big as the sky! Here are some notes… feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Your main job as a…

hiring/casting art dealer general manager social media guru event host all-around unicorn assistant.

ideal candidate is charasmatic, queer, people-orientated, fabulous, art lover, pro at sales, knows how to seduce a client, well-versed in social media and the full cycle of content from creation through editing and beautifully blasting a platform…

dear luke,
you asked me to write something so here you go babe.

art is my right to be soft. to not know. to let the world slip.
art is a portal to sometimes unavailable planes. art expresses our anger and lost hope and also our dreams and our truths and our visions for tomorrow.

what is this place? why are we here? where are we? dancing through the champagne, the fog of neon come morning.

we’re mostly surface creatures, stuffed with delusions, trained out of symbols and subtext. …

dearest sweetie UMMTs,

hi darlings! i’m petals sandcastle and ya’ll are sultry decadence. And it would be our honor if you come check out our new space NOW studios.

We’re in downtown A2 a block from the diag and ya’ll are a degree away from Broadway! …

Sheila was magic. A wild heart that sparkled until the end. She lived a full-throttle life—she loved to have a good time, wasn’t afraid to let her hair down—to party—to say Yes!

10 Ways To Get Involved Without Donating A Dime:

Campaigns Oughtn’t Be Bought. Not Even By You.

How can we run a national campaign on virtually no money? You. You are the secret weapon. If this has any shot, then it’s up to You. …

fall 2008. new york city.
it begins. the respite of perpetual holiday; i am vacation.

nothing is real yet. resigning, absolute freedom, instability, unemployment. somehow i saved $30,000 living in manhattan as a high school teacher.

how long can i go?
hostels add up. plus some parts a tourist can’t touch…

petals sandcastle

queer painter_poet flappy bird for the love revolution running for president. art. ideas. filosof.e lit'ru.cha. get our new book!

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